The power of storytelling

Steiner has a wonderful capacity to acquire knowledge of a certain field and then turn that knowledge into an imaginary storytelling setting, spellbinding his audience - whether this is made up by young children, adults, elderly - or all. No one will leave a session with Steiner untouched by his wonderful ability to turn dead issues live, and wrap it all up in a wonderful, catchy story!
Birgitte Jallov Director, Coach, Adviser, Trainer and Consultant at EMPOWERHOUSE
Steiner is one of the most professional and funny storytellers that I've ever listened to. He has a way of luring the audience into the story so that the whole story stands vivid and dramatic in your mind’s eye. I give Steiner the best of recommendations. 
Mads Lund Innovation consultant and Storyteller

Steiner is a very skilled storyteller, he is also a skilled facilitator, and I always enjoy very much to collaborate with him! He is likable, friendly and has a great sense of organizing.
Pernille Stockfleth Owner, Living Stories

Steiner shows as storyteller and manager a great personality and always succed in getting people engaged in his work.
Alex Fersbye Storyteller and writer