The Power of Storytelling

One of Denmark’s finest performance storytellers. Steiner has performed for adults and children since 2005 and has a huge repertoire of stories drawn from all over the world. From hilarious folktales to contemporary stories. Steiner has a passion for Norse mythology and the fierce sagas of the Vikings.
His performance style is energetic and humorous.

Steiner has performed at the Danish National Museum, in theatres, clubs, festivals, schools and libraries across Denmark, Estonia and Norway. Venues ranging from wheat fields to shows for audiences of up to 3,000 people and has made several performances on Danish National Television.

Steiner founded and hosts “Lystløgner Aften” (Liars Night) a monthly Storytellingclub currently running 9th. Season. One of Copenhagen’s thriving Storytellingclubs for adults. He developed “FortællerAngreb” (StorytellerAttack) and have brought this to 200 schools.

Steiner is an award-winning Storyteller of the “Wordsprize” in 2014 and author of “Grum & Grumset”. 6 stars in Ekstra Bladet (National Newspaper). Founding member of NORD Storytellers and member of Besttellers.

Steiner’s humorous and passionate storytelling will leave no one untouched.
"No one will leave a session with Steiner untouched by his wonderful ability to turn dead issues live, and wrap it all up in a wonderful, catchy story!"
Birgitte Jallov Director, at EMPOWERHOUSE

"Steiner is one of the most professional and funny storytellers that I've ever listened to. He has a way of luring the audience into the story so that the whole story stands vivid and dramatic in your mind’s eye."
Mads Lund Innovation consultant

"Steiner is a very skilled storyteller, he is also a skilled facilitator, and I always enjoy very much to collaborate with him! He is likable, friendly and has a great sense of organizing."
Pernille Stockfleth Owner, Living Stories